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But then there’s $CUMMIES

I’ve seen too many pump and dump tokens recently, they all start here with huge followings trying to use the next gimmick to sell themselves, oh we give funds to a charity but we’re also going to dump all the funds…and do a 10x-30x within a week, but quickly die off and leave many holding bags with a project that is not a rugpull, fair, but many sold out too quickly for it to recover with many to leave at a loss.

Here it is on coin market cap –

One of my investments, and trust me when i say a token/shitcoin can be an investment…they have allowed me to buy a new house recently. Is CumRocket. (cumrocketcrypto .com)

What’s happened recently for this less than 2 week old coin:

Launched one of the first (if not THE FIRST) porno on Binance Smart Chain!

Promoted by of the phub world Jonny Sins!

Got listed on LiveCoinWatch

Blockfolio listing

Bought domains and a custom email address

Updated BscScan details including the new logo - price now in TrustWallet

3 more CONFIRMED creators working with us

In talks with an exchange!

What is CumRocket?

Low Market Cap, high growth, stable token.

Minimal whale count with the top 20 well balanced – of the top holders most are long term investors who have never sold and are tight with the team.

Public Dev – no rugpulls here!

CumRocket has formed a team of around 20 members, including an artist, UI/UX Designer, marketers, community managers and multiple developers!

They are serious about making this project work – the creator/developer is a female software engineer who also is doxxed with a following of 24k followers on TikTok (@TLDRFinance).

The team are always active on telegram/discord, and keep everyone up to date with the progress of the project.

Their main plans are to expand into the private paid 18+ content sector – think of the OnlyFans of crypto, only creators receive a larger cut!

Creators will be able to upload their private content with fans able to pay in crypto, and tip in $CUMMIES!

This is bullish for the $CUMMIES token because of a few reasons:

since their main wage doesn’t depend on it, models are likely to hold it as an investment and watch it grow

models can earn passive income through the redistributive nature of the token, which has the ability to support sex workers more

The platform is already a work in progress, with multiple UI mockups created and the aim of making it as accessible as possible (for creators who may be new to crypto, but see the benefits that paying/being paid in crypto gives)

Here’s an example of what the login page will look like cumrocket login

After this platform has been created, an NFT marketplace will be added as another section to the site, where creators can upload their BEST content as NFTs!

CumRocket has already formed a partnership with to showcase their very own 18+ NFT collection called the ‘CumRocket Babes’ and ‘Chad Cards’

These exclusive collections began with animated anime, and now is moving into collaborations with real NSFW influencers! This allows them to form partnerships with these creators before the platform has even launched, so that when it is launched there will be a greater chance of more creators uploading content right away!

CumRocket also provides the option to farm NFTs for liquidity providers!

Check out their NFTs here: here.


5% tax on each transaction

2.5% gets redistributed to current holders in proportion to their holdings, 2.5% gets burned forever!

Website: cumrocketcrypto

Telegram: cumrocket

Discord: discord

TikTok: tiktok

Twitter: twitter cumrocketcrypto

Burned dev tokens: bscscan

LOCKED Liquidity: dxsale

PancakeSwap (slippage 6%): pancake

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