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ETHC – Completely under the radar gem with HUGE potential alert.

Introduction Video:

$ETHC / @EthicDeFiMoney is a high level algo stable coin that is pegged to $DAI. Ethic gives you the ability to lock away your token or provide liquidity, giving you HUGE rewards. We are currently in expansion mode, meaning the price is above $1 and the rewards are high. If your avg buy is $2 and you lock it away in the DAO – you will earn enough interest to get your average buy down to $1, $0.50 or less. I deposited my 1k around 2 weeks ago which is now 4k & growing & I don’t plan to sell any time soon.

The best thing to do now as a holder is deposit your tokens into the DAO, which compound 24/7 effortlessly. It takes 7 days to unbond/withdraw, to stop people instant withdrawing and dumping on price rises. You can also provide liquidity with ETHC/DAI for higher rewards & 4 days to withdraw. Imagine this, you leave your tokens locked away in the DAO you purchased @ $2, by the time marketing starts your average buy price is $0.5 (as you have 4x the tokens you started with) before the spike of new buyers come in potentially pushing the price to $10 or higher (where it’s been on several occasions). This is a very real opportunity for early buyers – even if the price doesn’t spike from new buyers, you are still making x’s every single week from the extra tokens your making (its literally like 80-100% a week currently, compounded).

This project was actually founded by the owner of $TLOS (40m market cap). He also tweeted about this project last week > but is yet to be marketed properly, once the marketing kicks off, which is meant to happen this month – the price will inevitably rise, giving early adopters (yes, us) huge potential at large gains (both on amount of coins due to the current high rewards, and price rises from the hype of people finding out about this project)

The current volume is extremely low, but that is bound to change during marketing, and when it does the price will most likely move fast to the upside – last month a few buy orders caused price to spike to $14-$18 and it stayed there for a few days. Yes, that is a 10x from current prices.

TLDR; This is a project with HUGE upside, HUGE rewards & minimal downside. Strong, public team and a perfect time to buy before the hype. This coin isn’t even listed on Coingecko yet, that is how early we are (this has been applied for and tokens always seem to pump on Coingecko listing so expect that soon too). This is the first stable coin backed by a public team with a great track record, and I have massive confidence in it’s long term success and am excited to be this early. There is also rumors of a sponsored review from a large YouTuber soon..

Feel free to join the telegram and ask any questions, it’s a cool community I’ve been a part of for a few weeks now.

Market cap: $1.5m

Current price: $1.3 ($18.8 ATH)





How to bond for maximum gains:

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