Safetoken next 100x? : altcoin


Recently i have been going through this project called Safetoken and found that its quite underrated project!

Good market cap

Passed three audits already

Good per day trading volume

Already showed the potential in previous days!

Check it out i m in Already and floating 5x and 2x

One strong reason of me getting into is

Other “safe” projects say they are community projects only because they give the same tokenomics earn/burn…. But they have OWNERS! that are using their money to push the project…. SafeToken has NO OWNER!!! That’s why WOR issued the warning about safemoon the other day. About the possible rug pull. RUG PULL is IMPOSSIBLE HERE

SafeToken is NOT a “Regular Coin” Every time anyone buys or sells our token 5% of the buy/sell order is distributed to EVERYONE holding SafeToken in their wallet, and 5% of the order is burned! Not only does this provide a passive income for the holders, but also increases the “Price Floor” and LOWERS your entry price! Other similar projects have the same mechanism, however, they are only contributing 1-2%.

Check out SafeToken

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