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I have recently been following this coin and watched all the developments that have flourished & are also currently ongoing.
Based on my studies & research here is what I have discovered. Please be advised to DYOR as this is not financial advice but my opinion alone.

So what is Shard Coin?

Shard is designed to be a secure and decentralized open source, proof of stake, digital currency, they focus on performance, security and your typical fast low cost transactions. The Shard Community Reserve that they have assists with market liquidity and reducing volatility. They mention with the community’s support they are looking to revolutionize the cryptocurrency experience allowing users easy access and usability, bringing it to the mainstream for day to day life. Shard runs off it’s own main net blockchain. This means that Shard does not rely on any other cryptocurrencies, which sets it apart from many altcoins/tokens that are based on another cryptocurrency’s blockchain, such as Ethereum’s.

As a stand alone blockchain, Shard transactions will be faster because products of the platform will only be subject to Shard’s blockchain latency limits as opposed to parent child chains that share a blockchain’s latency limits thereby reducing the speed of transactions.

Shard can be used not only as a cryptocurrency, but also as a utility coin in multiple Shardax projects. Such as the Shardax (Digital Asset Exchange) & Staking Platform, The Infinity Wallet and the Quantum Project. Shardax uses 20% of profits for liquidity, buying and burning Shard. This will then decrease the existing supply, while coin holders can continuously stake without excessive inflation.

The Shard team brings together a unique collection of experts within cryptocurrency and technology that provide support in there discord and handle all questions swiftly and expertly.


Shard is a POS (Proof of Stake) Cryptocurrency in which staking abilities can be done through there official Shard wallet, and various staking pools such as My Staking Wallet, My Node Pool and there soon to be released Infinity Wallet & future Shardax.

Shardax is a registered UK company with multiple large scale projects planned featuring Shard. Shardax Exchange (currently in beta) which is powered by Shard and has a very unique ability for you to stake your coins all while trading in the same place and the usual other features that come with an exchange. Also all while using the Shard coin as an incentive of receiving 0.1% trading fee with a 50% discount available by opting to pay fees in Shard, which is similar to what Binance has with there Binance Coin.
Shardax Exchange is backed by 24/7-365 days Live Support and looks fantastic from my testing, you can sign up today and they have advised that more then 50,000 users have signed up to date, which is quite astonishing.

Infinity Wallet is a universal crypto wallet for mobile and desktop where only the user has full control of their digital assets and keys. It allows users to hold and trade their coins all within one safe and secure wallet, without needing to keep track of multiple wallets or private keys all whilst with a plethora of unique features not witnessed before in a wallet.
I am currently in the process of testing this wallet & is quite spectacular in use, design & simplicity. See here for some screenshots. https://twitter.com/Luca_3601/status/1239839264247967746

Quantum Project has been discussed as you can find in this article the team posted which has some interesting facts of the direction they want to take with this one: https://medium.com/@ShardCoinOfficial/shard-quantum-project-reveal-updates-62671ba61ab7

If you don’t have the time to read it here is a snippet & some key features they are looking to build & revolutionize:-

“In essence, The Quantum Project is a completely new rendition of blockchain technology. Current blockchain technology has given us many amazing advancements and opportunities to create things that were nearly unimaginable just 15 years ago. However, there are still some real limitations and challenges that are being faced with the implementations made available today. We want to put our minds and skills towards creating the next evolution of blockchain technology; a completely revolutionary new blockchain, built from scratch!”

The Integration of Sharding
ShardCAS “Cross Atomic Swap”
ShardZF “Zero Fee” provides the ability for zero fee transactions
Private & Public Smart Contracts
Lower latency and lower block times
HD wallet

In conclusion i’m not telling you to buy this cryptocurrency as it’s the “be all end all coin, or Ethereum killer” I am bringing this to your attention to share purely for it’s uniqueness in this space with their team, design, products & future vision especially with all of the above coupled up with a very enticing market cap where growth could be extraordinary.

So what are your thoughts on Shard? Do you like it? Do you see a future?
Have your say below.

Coin Statistics

Price – $0.01 (115 sats)
Market Cap – $300,000 USD
Supply – 26,665,342 / 210,000,000
Block Time – 120 seconds
Current Block – 507,800
Current ROI – 10%
Discord – 10,726 members
Twitter – 4,000 followers



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