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Pointpay is an all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is a blockchain-based bank, crypto exchange, crypto wallet, payment system, crypto school, token sale platform and has mobile banking applications.

ICObench gave it a 4.7/5.0 rating from 34 reviews. Link below for source.

PointPay (PXP) – ICO rating and details | ICObench

This is an ICO that seems promising. A good opportunity to get in early without having to go through launchpads and try to win the lottery. No KYC required. I personally hate having to go through most ICOs and honestly have yet to be accepted into one, so it’s nice that this one is as easy as it is.

The only thing I find holding PointPay back right now is only have 10 fully functional cryptocurrency products. Of course, this list with grow, but as of right now there are only 10. Exchange listings most likely won’t be until about June.

The price increase will be an increase of 33% in 24 days so you definitely still have plenty of time. Make sure to do your research and don’t just ape in! Do your due diligence. The website has a live roadmap, full team details, a working product, etc. PointPay link is down below.


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