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Alright guys, let’s keep this short and sweet. I’ve noticed quite a bit of confusion around the use case for Dracula Protocol, whether it’s just a meme coin, etc. I myself had some trouble wrapping my head around it so I wanted to create a quick value breakdown to help new people understand the token.


Defi is full of incredibly profitable yield farming options. However, with gas costs as they are right now, it is impossibly inefficient for your average retail investor to hop between the various protocols, sell, compound their earnings into vaults or other yield farms, and take full advantage of the best earnings potential.

So, if you’re simply holding your rewards hoping they’ll appreciate, tough luck cause the whales are dumping their tokens back into ETH, or your favourite stablecoin, leaving you with a shrinking token unless you do the same.

ON TOP OF THIS, issues such as large supplies of time-locked tokens held by massive whales can badly punish your average holder (looking at you Sushi), leaving you with little say as to what happens in the governance of the token.


A one-stop interface which:

  • Shows you the best yield farms available

  • Collectively covers your gas costs for harvesting/compounding

  • Auto-compounds daily for you

  • Offers incentives to avoid dumping

  • Aggregates a portion of the governance tokens, giving you control over multiple projects

This allows small-to-medium-sized investors to effectively navigate defi and earn bigger returns.

Dracula Protocol ($DRC) is stepping in with a yield aggregation solution which focuses on providing a TON of liquidity pool adaptors, allowing you to decide from one interface which of the best yield farms you want to be in. You can then stake your LP tokens. The returns are immediately sold for ETH and re-invested into Rari Capital vaults, which auto-compound the earnings daily until you are ready to withdraw. This gives you greater returns than through regular yield farming.

Don’t want to get involved in liquidity pools? That’s cool, just hold and stake $DRC.

Well, what’s the incentive for staking $DRC?

  • 3.75% of all liquidity pool rewards will be distributed to DRC stakers in the form of ETH.

  • Second, all members have the choice of receiving their rewards in ETH OR DRC. This conversion is only done when you choose to withdraw, and until then stays compounding in ETH.

This means no dumping of $DRC, so no tanking the value. You want your rewards in ETH? You get them in ETH.

EVEN BETTER, the protocol is aiming to give shared governance over multiple yield protocols by simply holding DRC. That means one token will allow you to have a say in the governance of multiple different defi solutions. The full details of this are pending until post V2.

DRC V2 has been building steam and will launch within days. Currently undergoing final bug testing and pending partnership integration prior to the launch date being announced.

Speaking of: There are multiple partnerships, including Rari Capital, with more to be announced with the launch of V2. Check the community links and stay tuned for details in the coming days.

The dev team is extremely active, with updates every Monday and frequent github commits.

Supply will be capped at the launch of V2 around 15 million.

The price is relatively stable to shocks.

Telegram group sitting at 2600 members.

Memes are legend.

Come join the Transylvania gang and get your own castle





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