Nano was the first altcoin of the day, I think Banano deserves also to be an altcoin of the day : altcoin


All of the benefits that Nano carry (fast, feeless) are also applicable for Banano ( Although the coin is a meme coin, it is not a joke. It has dedicated developers and it is being distributed freely over multiple faucets. Primary one being where one can contribute to medical research using Folding@Home and earn Banano while doing that. I really love that and that is what sold me immediately. That and the fact that it does not waste computing resources.

Banano is not listed on any of the big exchanges right now, so it has an excellent cozy feeling that I really love.

It is by no means something that will 100x your investment, but it is a great coin to get new people into crypto. It definitely deserves more attention. It is a hard fork of Nano, but it is very likely that any improvements that are made into Nano will be rolled into Banano as well over time.

Just to showcase it I will send 100 ban to first 10 30 replies, please include your BAN address with your reply. I hope you will send half to a friend. You can get a ban address by downloading Kalium or using

I am in no way affiliated with BAN developers but I am long BAN.

EDIT: I am feeling good, so I will increase my offer to 100 ban to first 30 replies. I will exclude fresh new accounts from this to deter doubling down, but accounts made at least 24 hours prior will be okay.

EDIT2: In case this leaves you craving for more, check the faucets available at (30 BAN!) and

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