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Some of you may have seen the Community AMA’s stickied at the top of the r/CosmosNetwork sub on occasion, the goal with these is to bridge the gap between the developers and the community. A lot of the devs working on Cosmos are busy working away and don’t have very much time to spend on Telegram, Discord or Reddit and the times they are on there, most people don’t get to see those conversations. My hope is that these AMA’s are a good source of information for those of us that don’t have very much time to spend on Telegram, Discord or Reddit. I’d like to openly welcome participation in these events, because simply put, this might just be the best time to ask questions.

These answers are coming straight from the people building and leading these projects. So, please, feel free to participate in asking questions when the events are live.

This is what we have scheduled for the first two weeks of June, we’ve aligned these interviews to coincide with relevant events happening in June, in the Cosmos Ecosystem. Hopefully the questions you have can be answered officially before everything is live.

To find the AMA’s just check the 2nd stickied post in the r/cosmosnetwork sub when the event date is coming up. If you can’t make the time of the event, I will make a comment on each AMA post that links to a Pre-AMA thread to collect questions.

  • The Cosmos Hub is getting ready for the launch of the Gravity DeX at the beginning of July.

  • Althea has just recently opened up a proposal for the Gravity Bridge implementation, with incentivized test-net starting soon.

  • Juno Smart Contracts approaches mainnet for June/July.

  • BitCanna is ongoing with their incentized test-net.

  • Agoric JavaScript Smart Contracts approaches their mainnet scheduled for the summer.

  • Osmosis launches June 17.

June 2nd, 8AM PDT

Shahan Katchadourian

Cosmos Hub and Gravity Dex

June 3rd, 9AM PDT

Justin Kilpatrick

Althea Network & Gravity Bridge

June 7th, 9AM PDT


Juno Network & Smart Contracts

June 10th, 7AM PDT

Jan Scheele

BitCanna Global

June 11th, 1PM PDT

Dean Tribble

Agoric Chain & JavaScript Smart Contracts

June 15th, 8AM PDT

Sunny Aggarwal

Osmosis Launch & Liquidity Pools

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