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Hey guys!

We couldn’t be more excited to be launching Bitfresh as our next IAO (Initial Ape Offering)!

Our first IAO went from $0.20 to over $3.00 in one month

To celebrate our next IAO with Bitfresh happening on April 24th at 03:00 UTC, we decided to give some love back to the community

That’s right! We are giving away $200 in $BANANA and $400 in $BFT

6 lucky apes will win $100!

And it’s super easy! You just need to:

Join the official ApeSwap Subreddit

Leave a comment here with your Binance Smart Chain wallet address


What is Bitfresh?

Bitfresh is the first community-driven iGaming platform where everyone wins! You’ll find all your favorite games and more in a provably fair environment built on-chain from the ground up. All user bets count towards earning the native Bitfresh token, and holding $BFT allows you to earn a share of house profits.

Get more information on Bitfresh and our upcoming IAO here!


Launch Time: April 24th at 03:00 UTC on ApeSwap

Token Price: $0.01 per $BFT

For Sale: 100,000,000 $BFT (10% of total BFT supply)

Hard Cap: $1,000,000

BANANA to Burn: $500,000

Duration: 1 hour ($BFT is going quick, don’t sleep)

Vesting: Team, Operations, and IAO funds will be locked for increased security

If you need a refresher on how to participate in an IAO, check out the details in our docs!

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