Proof Of View is Here; Time to Look Into a Real Value Project With Real World Applications For Great Causes $VRA : altcoin


Memecoins everywhere, whatever happened to people looking for projects with real use cases?

Who and what?!

Verasity! A company backed by a CEO that’s developed software and hardware for various platforms, including PC/Mac, Android and iOS devices. is a fast-growing cryptocurrency company in the fields of Esports, video entertainment and advertising. Its mission is to dramatically increase the engagement and advertising revenue of video publishers on any video platform. Verasity. See coingecko

It received a U.S. patent for its proprietary technology that could help eliminate AD fraud and already has several positive revenue products. On top of that, Verasity recently published the international application of PoV, which will protect PoV internationally. They’ve also applied for a continuance to the original PoV patent to include NFTs!

How will all this happen?!

Through its POV protocol, product layer and platform

  • VRA Rewards — Product Layer

  • Proprietary video player — product layer

  • Proprietary Ad Stack — Product layer

  • Proof of View (Patent №10956931) — protocol layer

  • POV is the only proprietary protocol layer technology of blockchain

  • VeraWallet- Product Layer Payment System

  • NFT- Use the POV to verify the chain of custody of NFT. They have applied for a continuance in the PoV patent to include NFTs. This will provide Verasity with protection for PoV’s authentication of NFTs under the same patent.

Oh, and what is excellent about VRA is the incredible community! Check out Verasity Official Telegram Channel

Tell me, you still want to buy Memecoins?

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